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Beggy by Ghinda srl

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B@ggy® Logistics is a service that offers a series of management solutions, designed to enable sellers B@ggy® to market our products, in the simplest and fastest way, across Europe. The B@ggy® sellers choose Logistics B@ggy® when they want to increase their sales without investing in logistics: you can switch from nationwide sales to an European-wide sales, within a few days.

Focus on your business, not on order management:
with B@ggy® Logistics is not necessary to invest in logistics to manage an online business success; we will deal with the storage, packing and shipping, throughout the European Union, where products will be sorted.

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Signing up is easy, you will receive our approval. You can simply join the Affiliate Program by filling out the form and sending it to

Contact us and ask for information on how to proceed to have your eCommerce. We provide a tested and proven platform, qualified staff, a well stocked warehouse.

Affiliation is a simple way to realize a dream, without having to spend resources.

The Affiliate Program recognizes the franchisee the opportunity to have a remuneration.

  • eCommerce with your brand;
  • staff for the management;
  • insertion products;
  • shipping wharehouse.
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